Update: Do You Want A Distorted Reflection?

Part2: What is self-presence and how does a skinny mirror blur your self-presence?

How perfect. Yesterday was Halloween, so imagine a ghost. They keep doing the same thing and don’t necessarily notice you. I suppose you could say they are more like a zombie, just groaning and going though the motions.

Now contrast this with someone like Einstein or Donald Trump. They are very self-present. They get your attention just because they command it, just by showing up. They are in their bodies, you could also say that they are aware of their bodies, and they know what they are doing. They are present. They are aware of themselves and that creates an energetic presence, a place of power, in them.

While We Are On The Halloween Theme

Now I want you to shift your focus to the idea of a fun house and their crazy mirrors. Those mirrors distort your image, making you thinner or shorter, fatter, taller and such.

In part 1 of this blog I said:

“The problem is that life – ironically—is on the inside, not the outside. The story of your life and the way you experience your life are born in you, not outside you.”

I was watching Shark Tank and an entrepreneur came up with a ‘skinny mirror’ that is meant to take 5 pounds off your reflection. She claimed that most mirrors add weight and that it helps us to see ourselves as thin so that we feel good about ourselves. She also said she’s sold a lot of these mirrors to clothing stores. Hmm.

It’s a great idea, except for one thing. She’s selling rose-coated mirrors.

The greatest problem with altering how you see things is that it takes you outside of you. And we’ve said that life is on the inside – perhaps you’ve heard that happiness is an inside job—and we’ve said that people with self-presence are very present in themselves (not an image outside of themselves that is inaccurate).

See, a ghost is chasing something outside of themselves. Most often they are stuck chasing something outside, which is why they haven’t moved on. A ghost keeps looking outside themselves to change or fix something like an event or a person from their lives. Of course, now that they are dead, they can’t change or fix anything.

The same is true of your weight or any other problem you have right here and right now. You can wear beer goggles, rose-colored glasses or look in a skinny mirror, but these things take away from your own self-presence because they have you looking at and focusing on what you are not or what you are not experiencing. If you’ve heard that life is an illusion, the Maya of life, then you might see that focusing on what-is-not is validating the illusion – as opposed to you.

Be Here, Be Present & Don’t Be Ghastly

I think I’ve heard it said that the world belongs to those who dare to dream. But something is missing, isn’t it? We’ve all dreamed at some point or another and if the world doesn’t belong to you yet, then keep reading.

How are we to dream? That’s what’s missing. You need to be present for your dream, you need to recognize that dreaming occurs where life does, on the inside. You need to know that focusing on the illusion by sugar-coating life or looking in a skinny mirror only adds to the dichotomy of life: you’re either fat or thin; rich or poor; black or white.

Actually, no, you’re not. Don’t believe what you see through your distorted vision because that is the illusion and the illusion, by definition, is meant to trick you. It is meant to give you something that is not real, something that is illusionary and has no substance.

Touch your hand to you leg and feel yourself, bringing your focus and attention to you. You are grey, meaning that you are capable of touching way more shades than just black and white. You are capable of experiencing way more things that the same thing and you are able to dream and reach for so much more in your life—when you focus on you.

Put on those mirrored glasses so that you are focused on you. Live your life according to you and try not to be influenced by anyone else’s skinny mirror, rose glasses or beer-enhancing vision.

Instead, see you as you are and see the cosmic being that is within you; be aware of you and what you genuinely or authentically think and feel because you are the source of your self-presence, of your personal power and of your own amazing life.