Want to find out what your passion is?

Yes, we all want passion in our lives because it’s like always being motivated; life is sweet all of the time, as it is meant to be!
Some might tell you that you’ll find out what your true passion is when you go out and do things, but I’m here to tell you the opposite! I’ve spent my time trying a lot of different things but all it did was tire me out. More importantly, it didn’t tell me what I was passionate about. It helped me learn a lot about what I like, but I took the circuitous root. I’m going to help you stop and think about it wisely so that you can get there quicker.

Clues To Your Passion

First Clue: Look at Your Behavior
Think about yourself as a child. Children often know and play at what it is that interests them because they are more tapped into themselves.
When you are talking with people, what will you talk about endlessly? What can you go on and on about such that you drive people crazy?

Clue Two: Look at What You Love Doing
Look back at the times you’ve enjoyed yourself most. Although being on vacation is one of the times we enjoy ourselves most, keep in mind that we all vacation differently. I go to different places that you might go to and I’ll do different things on my vacation than you would. This means that your passion isn’t necessarily being on an endless vacation, but rather it’s something you felt, did or experienced. This is where you want to focus.

Third Clue: What’s significant or important to you?
Something grabs your attention in life. Something takes grab of you at a deep level – what is that? What is significant to you such that you think it’s meaningful or a big deal while others seem to glance that thing or topic right over? Others may look at you like your crazy- what’s happening is that they are impartial or next to impartial to the topic while you are deeply moved by the topic. This is tied to your passion.

When you focus on these three areas, these three clues within yourself, then you’ll start to tap into your passion and you’ll have an idea as to what you want to fill your life with because it brings passion – which ties into purpose and meaning- into your life.

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