Where Does Your Soul Live?

Your Soul, Higher Self, Divine Self or whatever label you wish to give it (from this point forward I will refer to is as Self with a capital ‘S’) exists beyond space and time. It also lives within time and space, but it is not bound by either space or time. If you wish to connect with your unlimited Self, you must be able to perceive it. You must know where it lives and meet it there.

The question is then, where do you meet your Self? How do you get to where your Self is? The answer is actually quite simple. You meet your Self in the now moment. It is always there even if you are not. The bigger Self that you are exists in the now moment as the now moment transcends time. When living in the now, there is no past or future as there is only the now moment. Any other time than now, would not be now.

But, there is another essential piece. Without it you cannot perceive your Self. The other piece is being present. You must be self present in each now moment to perceive Who you are in that moment. If you are not home, you will not know when someone comes knocking on your door. If you are not self present, you will not know when your Soul is there knocking on the door of your being.

In the late 60’s a young Harvard psychologist travels to India, meets a Guru and his life is transformed. Richard Albert, also known as Baba Ram Dass, writes a book about his experience called Remember Be Here Now that was published in 1971. The title Remember Be Here Now, was a repeated teaching of his friend and guide, Bhavagan Dass. The four words Remember Be Here Now encapsulate where you need to be if you wish your Self to show up. In actuality your Self is always there, present, in the now moment, it is only the personality self that doesn’t realize it because it is somewhere else.

We’ve talked about the now, in Be Here Now, and we’ve talked about the Be, which is being self present. So what is the here? The here is simple the center or core of your body. Great masters keep their energy at their core. Not only does your awareness need to be in the present, now moment, you must be present in your body, deep in your body’s core.

There is a practice that many Direct Knowledge Schools teach. There are many variations of the practice, but
at its basis is reclaiming and bringing your energy back to the core of Self. The core of Self is your place of power. The physical body naturally does this for survival. It will pull the blood and other physical resources back to its core.

In Sanskrit, this core of Self is called the Sushumna Nadi, the central channel of the subtle body that runs slightly in front of the spinal column. It is the Here in Be Here Now. When you live fully present in the now moment with your consciousness within instead of without, you are at the correct place and time to meet up with your Soul.

But, there is one more word in Ram Dass’s book title. That word is remember – Remember Be Here Now. As obvious as it sounds, one of the biggest impediments in being here now is that we forget. Our mind wanders to something in the past, worries about something in the future, or our attention is pulled out of Self onto the couple fighting across the street, and we forget. We forget to be present in the now.

The Greek-Armenian mystic, George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, who lived in the early 1900’s, called the be here now state, self-remembering. One of Gurdjieff’s central teachings was to wake up from sleep walking. He said most people, while talking, eating or walking around were actually asleep, and their normal state was akin to sleep walking. Self remembering required that you continuously remember that you are here now existing. For most starting out in the practice it is an elusive state, as the only time you are truly self remembering is when you are aware that you are. If you are not aware that you are self remembering or not, you are not.

As you remember to be present, here in your body, in the now moment, you enter an exquisite state of being we call the Flow State. Your Soul flows through each now moment of your life, from one moment to the next. As you live in the Flow, you tap into your unlimitedness and seemingly amazing things happen in your life. I say seemingly amazing things as they may seem miraculous to someone living outside of the Flow, but as you begin to live more and more in the Flow, you come to know that life conspires to support you and you are on your way to realizing your Unlimited Potential.

Next Chapter – To Live In The Flow, Let Go

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Karen Weese April 26, 2010 at 9:39 am

Hi Kris,

I love this – Remember Be Here Now. When I look at my life and recall parts of it back to me, the moments that stick out in my memory and in my heart are the ones where I simply Was. Standing on a tall mountain cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, watching the lions in the serengetti, sitting around a meal table with my ohana listening to the laughter, holding a newborn in my arms…there are so many “stillness” moments in my life that I cherish.

I like this place. I like the mantra. Thank you!

Love and light

lorraine raymond November 15, 2010 at 11:27 am

TODA Kris,
Thank-you. Sometimes, it can be all encompassing to just live the day, nevermind, live in the day, the moment. I must admit, there have been times when I just wanted to go home. Then,
I get a tap on my shoulder, Remember Now. Spirit reminds me to be grateful for something in my life and I regain my remembrance of Self, and Life returns. I am grateful for you, for your gentle and compassionate way of being, and for writing this article that teaches us and reminds us to Remember Be Here Now.
with love lorraine

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