❤️ Lesson 2 To Improve Your Use & Manifestations with LOA

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“Why isn’t the Law Of Attraction working for me?” -People also ask how to use Law of Attraction, or LOA, to attract money or love often, but they always question why the results aren’t in!

You manifest all of the time, don’t you? It may just be the same problem, the same feelings… that you don’t want or like.

Your Competition

So, change your ways to change your LOA attraction. Think, feel and do more of what is aligned to your desire. Of course, you are competing with your subconscious, who does the same things in the old way, bringing about the old results. 🙁

This means you have to become observant of yourself. Like Sherlock, don’t miss a clue. And, like Sherlock, don’t condemn yourself when you see that you are doing things that attract what you don’t want. Instead, you need to take this deeper and find WHY you are ‘programmed’ to this behavior. Then you can change it. Condemning yourself means your subconscious will hide, making the change much harder. Be understanding, not judgmental.

Whatever you desire is possible. More than possible, it does exist, just not in the reality you are currently living.


🧘‍♂️ Turn it into a Ritual- Meaning, do this all of the time!

So, like the Beatles sang, “All you need is love 🎤” – love yourself more. Appreciate the little things you be and do.

Be You. Be Authentic. Be Unlimited (my tag line!)

Choose to smile. If you want to attract love, choose to consciously be loving with others.

Choose to be generous. If you want money, be a good tipper.

Sherlock yourself: talk to your subconscious, tell it what you are becoming. Listen to it, be understanding, and then let it know that you are singing to a new song.

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