So, I’ve been formulating a concept, by which I mean that wisdom keeps showing up for me and illustrating itself, telling me something.

You’ve heard of the one percent as it pertains to the rich, or the ten percent of people who aren’t sleepwalking through the world…

Well, I’m calling this the Five Percent.

A little background:

Today I heard a Tony Robbins podcast and he said something to the effect of ‘we live in an age of information overload, but there is so little wisdom imparted.’

Any self appointed guru will preach positive thinking. I’m reminded of a friend who says that she tries to be positive, but is surrounded by negativity at work and with her friends. I have another friend who doesn’t seem to be able to go five minutes without being negative: judgmental, accusatory, a victim…

I find this all of the time, everyone knows everything, but rejoice in so little. Most everyone can’t be told anything, but their lives are in great disarray.

I get it, a positive attitude is important when you are striving to be uplifted and live a different life, a life that only 5% of people live, you can’t surround yourself with negativity. On the contrary, you must surround yourself with uplifting thoughts, feelings, actions and energy. More challenging still, you must be a source for aligned thoughts, feelings, actions and energies in your life. Your friends and the places you dwell (where you find yourself most, like work), need to assist you, raise your spirit. Otherwise, rising above is not impossible, but it becomes a lot more difficult.

Now, this is really nothing new to you, or at least it’ll seem that way.  See, the universal ‘laws’ of life are subtle so that we often discard them. The secrets to the universe are hidden right before us in the simple things; people expect a long, complicated secret answers. They await a magic wand to do something to their lives, but what do you want done to your life? Do you want it fixed? Do you want someone or something to make you happy, make other people nicer? Make life easier?

People jump through hoops, try to think nothing but positive thoughts, only to find that the universe is a lot of dark, empty nothing. This happens because just thinking positively is like trying to wave a wand, which only conjures disappointment. My friend pushes to be happy and positive – and then I, the spirituality teacher of 15 plus years, say ‘that’s not spiritual; stop trying to be positive and happy.’ Yes, I shocked her because she sees me living a good life- and not being negative, but contradicting everything she’s learned amongst all that information overload from all the false happiness and spirituality online prophets. I tell her that it is out of the flow and inauthentic to try to be happy or positive. You must be who you are in order to shift who you are and raise your frequency. Then you won’t try to be happy, you’ll just be happy.

It’s true, no matter how hard you or my friend try to be happy and positive, you still find cold, dark, empty space. Ouch. Been there. It’s lonely and feels like a total let-down. But wait, the universe is benevolent, and I know that, for all your best efforts, you find yourself in the dark, but there are sparkling stars out there too. There is a good, bright, vibrant life for you. You know and sense it, which is why you chase the illusive stars.


Here’s The Catch (Catch The Stars)

The good news is that catching the shining good life is simple, if you are wise enough to look more deeply into the simple things.

Simply be you and experience your now moment. Yes, you’ve heard that before, but this time breathe it in. Stop and listen to everything that is around you right now, experience what you are experiencing. In other words, pay attention – which means control your energy and bring it to the point of your power, which is in you now. When you are placing your energy in your body, also called your now moment, everything can change. By removing your energy from the past, negativity, worries, wants or the future, you start to focus your energy, like a wise person.

Simple. Too simple, such that you might lose site of this and forget. Nevertheless, it is the 5% who are focused, who have priorities in life and intentionality – and by focusing their thoughts, feelings and actions here, they focus their energy. They command their energy, whether they know it or not, but then they get better at this and become aware that they are commanding their energy.

Ok, hopefully the word ‘command’ didn’t freak you out. If it did, notice how that takes you into a pre-conception of how the word should or shouldn’t not be used, and you forget to focus your energy. Stay focused on what’s important. Is it my use of a word, or your priority to join the 5% and live that kind of life?


Now, What Is The 5%?

Time to elaborate a bit, right?
Like I said, there are many experts – whether they have nothing going for them in life or whether they have money, success and love. We use measuring sticks in life, which don’t measure true happiness or your spirit. It seems like the world defines happiness and success as having fame, fortune and someone to warm your bed at night- or a similar combination. I understand this – when your feel like you are out in the dark of cold space, what else can you think is going to make you happy? Thinking that these things are going to make you happy may be logical. And if they do make you happy, that’s great. However, happiness is an inside job. Feeling good about yourself – as Tai Lopez says, ‘When we live our potential, we feel good about ourselves’. In our realized potential success, love, family, work – they are the sweetest fruits. Or, as Mr. Lopez says, ‘When we aren’t living our potential, well, no-thing, not fame, fortune or an endless stream of adoring lovers fills the endless void of space (just look to famous artists, like Michael Hutchins, who have it all and commit suicide).

The 5% don’t need the money, success or love to be happy. To be living their well-being, to feel the love that always emanates from the universe.

These 5% seem to have a secret sauce because, from the outside, you figure that they have all the things in life to make them happy – so most people don’t see or understand that no-thing makes them happy. They are happy, and happy is as happy does, so their inner joy and their living of their potential brings a sparkle to everything they do and have, making what they do and what they have shinier.


In Other Words, Start Simple

Magic formula? Live your potential. You are the only magical wand. “You are the spoon.” (from The Matrix). Focus your attention on the here and now. Find your priorities and live these, it makes all the difference. You won’t necessarily find uplifting people – you may have to uplift yourself. You may not have fame and fortune, but you don’t need these. You just need to, simply, focus your own energy, attention. Find who you are and be what’s important and meaningful to you.

There’s true magic in the universe and by simply living this way, you illuminate you way to those shining stars and you’ll join the Five Percent.