What is going on when you’re having a good day and then someone says or does something to bring your day down? You’ve run into an emotional charge and it has rained on your parade!

An emotional charge is a place where you (and your energy) are blocked, or aren’t fluid. It rigidly holds an energy and emotion, which is why you notice an patterned emotional feeling in certain situations or with certain people – some times before you even have an issue come up! Yes, just being around certain people or in certain situations will trigger the same emotional charge (energy) and feeling (and then behaviors too).

Needless to say, in your in-fluid emotional charge, you are out of the now moment and in a lower-vibrating energy. Law of attraction then uses this energy to attract your next experience. However, being out of the flow, as emotional charges are, you won’t be happy, feel positive, have positive thoughts or be in the flow of having law of attraction line up wonderful experiences (and your desires).

Join me in this video to get into your Golden Flow™ so that you can drop your lower-vibrating energy and get into the flow of effortlessly attraction with the law of attraction.