The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction and The Golden Flow

Every one desires to be happy. Often, when we wish for things such as money, what we are really wishing for is what money will brings us – security, freedom and things that we believe will make us happy. We believe that if we attract what we desire, we will be happy. What most people don’t realize, however, is that when we are happy, we attract what we desire. In fact, your emotional tone is one of the primary activators of the Law of Attraction. What is the best way, then, to live with a high emotional tone? It is to live in the State of Flow, which we call the Golden Flow.

To activate the Law of Attraction, you must raise your Emotional Tone. The concept of the Emotional Tone Scale has been around for some time. Ron L. Hubbard, founder of Dianetics devised a system he called the Tone Scale in 1951. Sometime later, Lester Levenson formulated a similar system he called the hierarchy of emotions. One basic premise of these systems is that the higher up you are on the scale, not only do you feel better, but you are more empowered in taking on life. A person who is in a state of passion or enthusiasm is in a more powerful place than a person who is in boredom, grief or depression.

Abraham Hicks, who brought the Law of Attraction into the awareness of mass consciousness, also speaks of the Emotional Scale. Their premise is that you attract what matches your vibration or frequency, and the biggest determiner of this is your emotional state. When you move up the emotional tone scale, you can’t help but to attract love, abundance, wonderful relationships and so on. People who are full of joy and enthusiasm attract people who are also empowered, for example.

So how do you raise yourself up on the emotional tone scale? What keeps you down? When emotions become stuck, they pull you down. A person stuck in depression has difficulty doing anything in life, and feels like life is out to get them. One key is to become unstuck. You do this by flowing your emotions and moving into the State of Flow. The first step to flowing is to welcome whatever is present for you now, whether it is negative or positive. When you do so, you move into the State of Flow and you can’t help but to welcome life and be grateful for all it has to offer.

As you move into the Flow State, your well being and emotional tone naturally rises. As it rises you activate the Law of Attraction in powerful ways. The more you are in the Flow, the more you live in the now moment free of stress, painful emotions and worry. In the state of Flow, you realize that life supports you. When in the Flow, you feel connected to the larger part of you, call it your Source Energy, your Soul or Higher Self. There are many names and labels for this bigger you, but regardless of what you call it, when you are in the Flow you feel connected to it. When in the Flow you are empowered to take on more of life and life’s challenges always work out for the better.

The Golden Flow System was developed to quickly move you into the Flow State where the Law of Attraction is activated at its optimum; are you in the Flow?