Effortless Living Using Your Source Energy

Tired of struggling to make life work?

Here is how you bring Source Energy into your life to unleash its unlimited power to help you create the life you desire. There are two steps.

The first step is to welcome whatever the feeling is around what the problem or challenge is. So, for example, if you are feeling anxiety about not having enough money, welcome the anxiety. Welcoming is exactly the opposite of what most people do. Because it doesn’t feel good, they push away the fear, anxiety, stress, sadness or whatever emotions surround the challenge. It takes a lot of will to push negative emotions away. And, the problem is, when you do so, your Source cannot help you with them.

Your Source Energy can only exist within the self that you are. When you push things away from yourself, such as negative emotions or fears, Source cannot help you with them. As you have your will engaged trying to push the feelings away from you, Source cannot override your will and cannot transform the negativity.

Now, you may have heard that you should focus on the positive and not negative feelings. This is true. You don’t focus on the negative feelings. Whatever you focus on, you activate. However, if you are pushing the negative feelings away, you are using your will and your energy to do so, which also activates the energy of the negative feelings. When you activate the energy of something, you increase its chances of manifesting. By pushing away the feeling of lack, for example, you are actually activating the energy of lack, which is something you don’t want to do.

Welcoming negative feelings is not the same as focusing on them. When you welcome them, you simply allow them to be. You don’t push them away. You don’t avoid them. You don’t get angry at your feelings. You don’t react to them. You don’t play them out in actions such as punching a hole in the wall if you are angry. You just allow them to be. When you allow them to be present in self, you are ready for the next step, which is to invite your Source Energy to help you transform the negative feelings, to bring you a perfect solution to the problem, or to manifest what you are desiring.

The second step is to express what you desire to your Source, and ask it to transform the negative emotion, bring a solution, or manifest what it is you desire.

So, for example, say you have a fear of not having enough money. You have tried to earn more money, but so far nothing has worked. You fear not being able to pay your bills and don’t know what to do. The first thing you do is to welcome the fear. Allow yourself to feel it. You don’t need to dwell upon it. You don’t need to go digging for it. Just allow it to come up. Acknowledge what you are feeling.

Then dialog with your Source. You can call it whatever you like, Spirit, Higher Self, Source, God, My Divinity, whatever feels right to you. Ask it to help you. You can say, ‘Source, I have this fear of not having enough money. Please help me transform this fear to something positive.’ Or, ‘Source please help me free myself from this anxiety I feel.’

Keep dialoging with your Source and allow it to work through you to transform the negative emotion. Then, for example, welcome not having enough money. This may sound counterintuitive, but remember, if you are pushing away lack, you are engaging your will in the pushing and by doing so are activating the energy of lack. You also make it difficult for your Source Energy to help you when you are pushing something away from self. Instead, stop pushing it away and welcome it to be. Then dialog with your Source. For example, ‘Source, this is the lack I prefer not to have. I prefer abundance. Please help me transform this lack into abundance,’ and so on.

In summary, the two steps are to welcome the negative feeling, challenge or what you don’t want, and then ask your Source to transform it. By doing so you enter into the place we call Golden Flow™. When in the Flow, life unfolds effortlessly.

Do these two steps and you will not only powerfully and quickly transform your life, but you will enter a state of wonderful well-being as you enter into the State of Flow.

Want more?

If this process rings true to you, we suggest you consider getting the audio process. Many people have told us how much they love having a guided process as they don’t need to remember the steps, and they can focus completely on the process. The audio file is an active meditation that guides you step by step making it easy to call upon your Source energy. Listen and practice the process often. Then, as I like to say, ‘hold on to your hat’ as your life transforms in seemingly miraculous ways.

The process is available as an immediate downloadable Mp3 file.

Using Your Source Energy for an Effortless Life - download
Your Source Energy has the power to create the life you desire. It also has the ability to transform negative feelings, suffering and painful emotions into well being. The good news is that bringing Source Energy into your life to unleash its unlimited power to help you create the life you desire is simple. There are just two steps. This meditative process guides you through the steps.

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