Do you feel like you have 3 kids when you go out, even though you only gave birth to 2, but your husband or partner is like a 3rd?

Ladies, a great question to ask yourself is whether you are married to a man or a boy.

A man has different urges and treats his hot girlfriend differently than he treats his mom. I know you might not think you’re hot, but if he’s in love with you, I know he thinks so. Beauty is in the eye of the man in love. When you are in relationship with a man, he will look at you lovingly; he will want to take you out (even show you off, even after all those years you’ve been together). He will also desire an intimate relationship with you – because he loves his girlfriend (whether you are in a committed relationship, a wife or not). This is how men treat their girlfriends – and they seek to make them happy.

Boys, on the other hand, need mothering. You probably find that the only way to get him to do anything is to nag him. Like a teenaged boy, he tends to want to have fun, not do chores and might even rebel against you. He might even seek a girlfriend outside the marriage…

Ladies, if you have the dynamic of your playing the role of the mother, he the child, AND you want to change this so that law of attraction brings you more love, romance and intimacy, then check to see where you are usurping the control. Learn more in my video entitled, Ladies, Let Him Make You Happy!

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