Sometimes life hands you lemonade and there’s not much you can do about it. Or is there?

Our daughter’s school is a beautiful, new elementary school. She’s mid year and a day before we got back from the winter break, we received an email from the principal saying that her teacher was now teaching another class. Several days later the principal held a meeting for parents to come and talk with her about the change.

A part of me had resistance to going to the meeting because I knew that nothing would change: the school disrupted my daughter’s class by switching her teacher out and putting her in a class with lower grades. I knew that the principal would not reverse her decision.

Still, we went to the meeting and voiced our discontent with the change. Sure enough, it didn’t change anything in the sense that my daughter’s class only had a sub while they looked for a new teacher. However, at a deeper, energetic level, it was a win for us because we put ourselves and what was important to us (our daughter’s wellbeing at school) first.

Join me in this video as you hear about how this seemingly negative situation was truly an opportunity for us, since we expressed ourselves and put our daughter first.

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