Here is one of the biggest secrets to getting law of attraction to work for you and to have it bring you your desires!

You have a connection to the universe that you may or may not be aware of. This is because everything is connected to oneness. Therefore what you say has a huge impact on your experience and your life. What you say, and who you say you are, put the universe and law of attraction in motion. More specifically still, the energy and vibration behind your words are how you make law of attraction work for you.

Watch the video and I’ll tell you about your words- because if you don’t know the energy you are coming from, you also won’t know what you are putting in motion. You certainly want law of attraction to bring your dreams forward, your desires, so be sure to watch to get a much better idea of how you want to use your words, your say so, with law of attraction.

I wanted to share a comment I received on YouTube on this video:

“I’ve heard that in LOA it’s good to pretend, until it feels real, like fake it till you make it.”

Here’s what I responded:

However, most people can’t force themselves to feel a certain way (or we’d all feel really rich, loving, successful…). Some people do bring some of the feelings forward, but you have to be careful that you are being real with yourself and not just masking one feeling with a thought or an imposed feeling because that can lead to denial. When you are in denial, LOA will bring things that you won’t prefer, since denial is not a highly-vibrating emotion.

A lot of what you experience is you. In other words, LOA brings you things that match your energy so you can see where your energy is at.

In the video I’m taling about connecting with you, your authenticity.

Find, for example, the part of you that is loving, that wants to share your life, that loves love. Find the part of you that loves yourself. Then say so, say that you are a lover. Say that law of attraction will then bring you who and what you say you are.

Another way of saying this is you can’t fake what you are not, but you can act as if you are experiencing what you know yourself to be. You must genuinely connect with who you really are and then you will find yourself experiencing it. I wouldn’t call that ‘faking’ it myself, I’d call it find the truth in my self and then having LOA work because I say so.

To living in the flow! Kalyn