What does law of attraction and a cat in the box have to do with you and what you attract?

Have you heard about Schrödinger’s cat? It is a quantum mechanics idea that if there is a cat in a box with poison. The poison bottle may or may not have been hit by an automated hammer, so the cat is either dead or alive. The idea here is that the cat exists in both states until you open and see the box. The cat’s fate lies in the probability you experience.

Did you see the movie Sliding Doors? In it we watch Gwyneth Paltrow’s character catch the subway in one version of her life and not catch it in another. These are different probabilities and each leads a different way. Haven’t you thought that the certain choices put you at a crossroads in which your life can take one of two very distinct roads?

Watch this video as I explain energetic probabilities, the different energetic possibilities that are available to you. I’ll explain what is and is not probable for you and I’ll tell you how you can use my Golden Flow™ System to attract and have law of attraction bring you the probabilities you prefer.