Last night I did some meditative processes. The process was about getting in the flow with the things that you want to change in your life, whether it is a situation that you don’t like or a change that will bring about something that you want to attract into your life. This is what I was working on – changing to allow something I wanted to bring into my life.

Even after all the manifesting, energy-raising and experiencing of highly-vibrating energies as I’ve lead and co-lead retreats and workshops around the world, it was surprising for me to find a part of me that was resisting change.

This happens to us all. We have unconscious resistances to change and we partake in patterns. We are faced with challenges and problems in life and we tend to react and try to handle the problems in the same patterned ways. Again, it is something we aren’t aware of. We tend to feel that we are doing our best, but when we are coming from the same beliefs and the same energies, then we can’t help but do things the same patterned ways in life.

So ask yourself, do I always come from the same ideas? Do I always try to solve my problems the same ways?

For example, often women who want to attract a relationship think that they are trying to attract a relationship. At the same time, over the years when I’ve helped women, often there is an opposite side to them that has been hurt in the past. They haven’t let that go and they, therefore, get defensive or shut down. It is a contradiction: one part that is trying to attract something and another part of you that is repelling. This tug of rope keeps you at neutral, meaning that nothing changes.

You don’t want the push/pull. If you aren’t currently experiencing something you want then there is a part of you that isn’t allowing it. Even with this knowledge, you can’t logic your way out of this. You can try telling yourself you’ll be safe, but this generally doesn’t work.

So, how do we walk into effortless attraction when there is a subconscious part of us that is fighting it?

Look at energy. You can’t change it, but you can flow it. With energy all you can do is flow it to raise your energy. Using the Golden Flow™ System you don’t need to be aware of or be able to sense energy in order to flow it and raise it, where you then attract, manifest effortlessly.

Your will raise your energetic vibration in 3 easy steps: 1) Welcome your experience 2) We embrace/allow/experience our experience 3) We let it flow.

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