Yes, of course.

I think of my neighbor. She’s a woman in her ‘golden’ years who commented on my beautiful plants. I gifted her a plant once, but she said that they just die under her care. Next time I gave her a water plant. No maintenance required, save adding water to the glass vase once a month or so.

The next time I was over several weeks later, her plant seemed happy. Several months later, her plant was gone.

Bottom line, she either does not want plants or she thinks of herself as someone for whom plants will not live- which causes them to die.

Yes, we influence our lives. Enough to turn ourselves into the next Bill Gates? No, not that much. Otherwise, wouldn’t we all be? There are a lot of people who believe that they are creating every part of their lives, but this just doesn’t make sense. You’ve had terrible fears of monsters under your bed, but they haven’t come true. You’ve dreamt of being successful- beyond your wildest dreams, but it too doesn’t happen.

On the other hand, you have made choices that have affected your life. So, you do affect your life. But, how much? Enough to be abundant?

Here’s the metaphor: You’re in a boat going down stream. Life sets the flow and defines which direction is ‘downstream.’ You are the captain of your boat and you can choose what side of the river you sail on, and you can even choose to go upstream, but you’ll be fighting the current.

There are some things that are larger than you that you can’t control; you can only fool yourself into thinking that you can. There are a lot of other things that you can affect and align to. Choosing to take care of yourself, for example, sounds small, insignificant. It’s not. It’s one of the best and most abundant choices you can make.

Again, no, you can’t tell the river that you’re the next Jeff Bezos, who just became the riches man in the world and who founded Amazon. However, you don’t need to be Jeff. You are you. You can be the most fabulous, abundant and rich version of you. How?

Align To Riches

I like to talk about the riches of life because money alone isn’t enough for me. Is it for you? I mean, I want love, adventure, success, people I love… money is great, but it’s a boat to get me other things that I want. I’m a channel, which means that I can tune in and hear wisdom from non-physical being- they constantly tell class participants to be spiritually greedy, that they should want more! More connection to Source, to themselves; more secrets to the universe, more feeling good, more of what they want.

The riches of life are about you experiencing a good, satisfying feeling in all of your life. It’s about feeling the way you feel after you go out for a good meal: that pleasing, loved feeling like you’re a king or queen being given the best of the best and it makes you feel like life is wonderful!

Yes, feeling that way can be taught and learned. But, as my neighbor will teach you, you have to be willing to choose to behave in abundant ways. Aligning to abundance means that you choose to think, feel and behave in abundant ways. It means seeing yourself as the abundant being that you know you are when you look inside yourself. It means recognizing that endless money isn’t the answer. Feeling the riches, enjoying the abundance life is offering you now and then you choosing to think, feel and behave abundantly, that is what will steer your boat in the direction that will be satisfying and rewarding to you.

What To Do To Be Rich?

Three simple behaviors for you:

  1. Always be kind to yourself. Be judgement free, as this is one of the ways that we are cruelest to ourselves or others, regardless of who we are judging.
  2. Do what you know: pick one thing you know you should do for yourself. Eat healthier? (Rich people don’t eat fast food, start cooking just once a week.) Exercise? Meditation?
    We all know what we need to do for ourselves, though we usually judge ourselves for not doing it, feel bad and do more of what we shouldn’t do because of it. This is the opposite of an abundant or rich behavior. Solution? Take baby steps and be judgment-free. That’ll take you down a river of riches.
  3. Invest in yourself. This could mean one of many things- maybe go to school, maybe breakup with your toxic relationship. When you invest in yourself, which rich and abundant people do, you value yourself. The universe values you, but it can only show you how much when you allow it to. If you are judging yourself or being un-caring with yourself, the universe’s love for you goes unfelt and un-noticed.

Who knows, you may be the next Richard Branson – or maybe you’ll be an unknown billionaire, but it won’t happen unless you are able to be the abundant version of yourself. In some ways, it doesn’t take much to be that version of you because it’s already there, inside. You’ve felt it and you know it. Now it’s time to act and be it. Why not make it fun and make it a feel-good experience?

About the Author

KB Raphael is an entrepreneur, spirituality teacher and author. She has been helping people empower themselves for over ten years through classes, spiritual groups and retreats around the world. Kalyn loves writing about spirituality principles when she’s not running her factory.