The Secret: You can unlock the law of attraction bringing you wonderful things when you look at your needs.

You need to know where you’re at; you need to know your needs!

It used to be that people denied their needs, thinking it made them weak. However, this is changing. A lot of people are starting to find that needs are like a guiding system that help you make choices that are beneficial and that bring your fulfillment and your happiness.

A person who is in touch with and lives according to their needs is in the flow. They are honoring themselves, their physical, emotional, mental and energetic selves, and this means that they are living according to the law of self and the law of attraction. In other words, because they appreciate and take care of themselves on so many levels, they are in a great energy (of love, appreciation…) and this is the higher energetic vibration that law of attraction is using to attract more and more preferable experiences.

The trick here is that people often misperceive their needs, getting them confused with neediness or indulgences. In other words, if you find that you have a need to enjoy life more, so you want to go out on a crazy night on the town (or several), are you in the flow and tapped into your needs or are you out of the flow? Will you then attract higher-vibrating experiences (more desirable experiences) or lower-vibrating experiences (less desirable experiences)? How do you know?

Watch the video and I’ll help you begin to discern, finding your authentic needs to help you be more authentic and to live in the flow and in such a way that law of attraction becomes an ally bringing you a stream of positive experiences.

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