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You could say I have it all. We all have dreams and desires, and we all will always have more dreams and desires, since this is how we continue to expand; we continue to dream up the next adventure in our lives, the next (bigger and better) version of ourselves.

Yes, I’ve attracted all sorts of things into my life. I have a loving marriage, an amazing daughter; I have three businesses and I live where I want to live doing what I am passionate about in life.
More specifically, I have attracted large sums of money several times, a move out of state, a car (that was beyond our means) and much more.

Whenever I want something, I use this process! And then things, like an impossible move, fall together!

This process helps you gather energy around what it is that you want to manifest. You don’t need to know how to work energy, the process guides you to bring your desire forward- taking you through steps to activate the energy, energize it (make it bigger and more attractive) and to tap into the version of you with the desire manifested so that you can connect with that energy in you and speed up your attracting process.

Please comment on your experience and the many things that you effortlessly attract with this process!

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