Do You Show Up For Yourself?

Is that a weird question that makes you wonder what is meant? I hope so, because it is a strange question, but it is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself.

Let me start with what it’s like when you don’t show up. There are people who don’t feel they have permission to be here, so they diminish themselves. They try to stay out of the way or be agreeable, just to go unnoticed and left alone – even if they have to make themselves small and be in the corner.

To varying degrees, this is true for a lot of people. Some of it is nature, a pecking order. In any group, a leader will emerge and a weak person will differ, giving away their power, their energy. You can see this more objectively in birds – the bottom of the pecking order has to let the top dogs drink and eat first. The top dog is allowed to puff out his or her chest and put the others ‘in their place.’ Sitting, sleeping and play is even determined by the order.

Yes, we are like animals in this way, but it isnt’ as bad as it sounds. If you watch birds, they are also very protective of their flock and they take care of each other. In some ways, despite their pecking order, they are far more open-hearted with each other than most people.

If you are set upon improving your life and your magnetic attraction, then you are willing to admit that you too are like an animal in ways that are complimentary and in ways that are not. When you are at that level, you can change things. Unlike most animals, you aren’t stuck being pecked on. You can spread your wings.

Showing Up Means Rising Up

A strong misconception that people have today is that they think that no one should pick on them, bully them or say anything that is or can be interpreted as negative, derogatory.

Just one problem with this – true personal power, which is required to rise above, does not come from forcing others to stop bullying you. On the contrary, personal power is the result of showing up for yourself by no longer identifying at the bottom of the pecking order (or the middle).

When you show up for yourself, you start realizing and doing things that are not obvious. Metaphorically speaking, you decide that you have permission to eat or drink when your body says it is time for food or water, then you align to the thoughts, feelings and actions that are in accord with this sense of self.

In other words, you tap into a state of being that says, “This is who I am and I will drink and eat when my body needs it.” You don’t pick a fight or argue with the top dog, you do what you are. Sure, it may result in a fight, but this will be a different kind of fight. Previously fights were backing you into submission because you were the bottom bird. As you see yourself as a bird, or person, who IS allowed, able and willing, then you will BE a different person in that fight. Your energy will come from a frequency that vibrates at a level of worth instead of the old level, which lacked self-worth.

At that point, you’ll have the universe behind you. The Law of Self, which says that you must ‘Know Thyself’ and that you are here to be and expand you (your authentic self), will support you showing up for yourself. LOA will also support you (it feels that way) because you are now activating a higher-vibrating frequency.

Rising in the pecking order will take persistance because you aren’t changing your behavior, you are shifting the energy – as you realize who you truly are – of who you are being; and as you be-come a new, more authentic version of yourself, you will naturally change your behaviors.


A Subtle Peck

Chances are yours is a good life. You probably don’t have a bird or three literally picking on you, although you may have as a child. One of the things that happesn as we grow up is that we learn to cope with the pecking order. The birds in the pecking order are all happy, their lives have harmony, a ‘family’ structure and they belong. They are safe and secure, whether they are at the top or bottom.

As you grew up, you learned your place too. You found where you fit in society, in your social group and you’ve found safety and security there. Sure, people have natural characteristics which determine social roles. We are all unique and have the place where we best fit. We can take on the role of leader, director, teacher, nurturer and so on, but we can take these on as we give away our power and undermine our own needs, or we can be the best version of ourselves as we keep our power and show up for ourselves.

In a monarchy there is only one king and one queen, but there can still be a lot of dukes, lords, counts… You count. Sooner or later, on a true path of self, you will need to show up for yourself. It doesn’t mean you try to change your life, it means you change your being. The changes to your life will be automatic replacements that the universal laws will take care of for you. That’s how you expand yourself, increase your magnetism (to co-create the life of your dreams) and work with the universe.