Let’s distinguish between a relationship, because we relate with everyone, and a spiritual partnership.

In a spiritual partnership, I’m me first and foremost. I need to be my own healthy, happy person with her own dreams. My husband needs to be his self in the same ways. Then we come together to share ourselves with one another.

A spiritual partnership is also the only way to grow, make movement and become who we truly are. No other part of life allows you so much movement.

Men and women are not equal. In a spiritual partnership, we bring our two differences together. One of us is masculine, the other feminine. In form, opposites attract so we need to bring a masculine flow together with a feminine flow. Now we have two sides – the yin and the yang. The yin and yang are a representation for us. They show that each is it’s own whole form. It also shows that the feminine energy also holds some masculine and visa versa. Then, when these two different sides come together, we both make up a new whole. We come together bringing different strengths that make a unique, unlimited team.

That is what a spiritual partnership is about – more than relationship, more than just sex or intimacy. It brings our lives, our souls, our energy; it encompasses our ability to grow and evolve; it allows us to live our independent dreams and our dreams together.

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