Are you ready for a relationship that is next-to-fight-free and truly loving?

Gents, you are a part of the masculine gender flow (or you are the “male” side)-

For some time, men have gone into machismo or aggressive behavior which has made us ladies (or the feminine flow) be distrustful and questioning you. It has lead us to want to be in control because you are already physically stronger and there has been an abuse of power.

Of course, thins brings friction into a relationship. We then fight, us ladies put you down in front of others. So many things are out of flow or out of balance.

Gents, let’s get you back into gener flow. Let’s get you back to wearing the pants.

First, you need to understand that she’s the director, you’re the leader.

She has a peripheral vision- our multitasking. We keep track of many things at the same time – the cooking, the kids, the phone call…. Ours is a peripheral focus.

Yours is more of a direct focu. You are meant to keep your eyes on the prize and be singularly focused. So, she tells you all of the things she sees on the periphery, directing your attention to the most important things. Then your job as the masculine leader, is to then choose. You make a decision and carry it out. You make the final decision and then execute it.

What happens is that we’ve been so out of flow that us ladies grab control and then nag you.

Gents, how are you going to handle this? Take the lead.
When you don’t like what’s going on in your life or your relationship – change it.

Look at her. Recall why you fell in love with her; forget her nagging or whatever is bothering you. Focus on her, look in her eyes. Tell her you love her, look into her eyes and tell her that she is the core of your energy. Women are more of your emotional side, we bring the quality into your life. Appreciate that about her, appreciate that she is your heart.

Take that leap. Wear the pants and make the decision to love the woman she is (whether she’s behaving that way now or not). Assert, take the action. You’re in the perfect place to be the one to instigate change in your relationship. Tell her your relationship is going to be more fighting-free, more filled with genuine love.
Look into her soul and love her – she’s not going to nag you. How can she? This is what we all want, to be deeply loved.
Then you’ll be the man. You’ll be calling the shots, telling her you’re going to take her on a date – get her attention and sweep her off her feet. Take the lead and, sooner or later, you’ll have her attention.

This is about now abusing power, but being a leader – which us ladies want. A man we can trust, who will lead us, love us.
So, take the action, lead and you’ll find your relationship improving, gents.

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