The universe doesn’t judge, which means there is no good or bad. This can change everything you do because you, therefore, can’t always do the “right” thing. The right thing for you is ultimately not necessarily the right thing for another. 

Here’s my story for today:
I was creating a joint venture with a friend. However, several months in, I was doing most of the work partly because the venture was more aligned to my business than hers. As a matter of fact, she was growing a new business and didn’t really have the time to dedicate to our venture.

So, we sat down and had a heart-to-heart. I hated not to do the project together and I loved connecting with her, but I had to put my heart aside and take into account what was best for both and each of us. So, we broke up.

It was hard for me, but it empowered both of us. I think that putting ourselves first we will even allow our friendship to grow.

In the law of self, who and what you say you are, the universe then says “as you wish, it is my pleasure”. The law of attraction then brings you the energetic experience to match who and what you authentically or in-authentically say you are.