Isn’t Everyone Supposed To Be Doing What They Love or are Passionate About?

There is a lot of talk about living your dreams and doing what you love for work- even happened to hear Tony Robbins, a favorite, saying the same.
It is an absolute dream to do what you love for work – and, in our school of spirituality, we call ‘work’ a dedication because if you are doing your best, you are truly dedicating your life (time, energy, focus) to it.
So, what you do is huge. However, how many people do you know that are doing what they love? Sure, there are people out there that you know of, but how many that you know?
The point here is that realistically you – and 90% or more of the people you know – may not be doing what they love, for what ever reason.
A lot of people get inspired and ‘sell the farm’ or quit their jobs to do what they love – and it works, sometimes.
For the rest who may feel that they can’t just drop their income source to chase their dream, maybe you’re not wrong or cowardly.
What if you were bigger than just your personality? What if, as Abraham – Hicks says, you have a Source Energy who is lining up your dreams (even if you aren’t quite able to catch up to these) – – but, what if you are more like Youz, a plural you. You and your Source Energy? And what if, for reasons that you don’t fully comprehend, either Youz have another plan and that is the reason you aren’t currently doing what you love?
If you use spirituality to improve your life and be closer to all that is, then you may do well with this idea:
Sure, you get that (for most people) dropping your home, family and responsibilities to run to Hollywood to try to be an actor isn’t the smartest…
And, I’m not saying that your dream is ‘wrong’ or silly.


What I’m suggesting is that we aren’t always aware of what We (that Youz, or you and your Source) are doing. Sometimes we are working on aspects of ourselves, maybe we are developing self-reliance; maybe we are learning to value ourselves genuinely; or maybe we are gaining personal power – as examples – in our current circumstances. And, maybe we need to strengthen ourselves in order to be able to successfully do what we love.
If you know how to tune into yourself, tune into the higher aspects (which is like listening to a silent, wise voice of knowing-ness inside) then you can ask Youz why your current circumstances are they way they are. From that higher perspective, developing yourself is a significant part of your true purpose.
In other words, developing yourself is usually required for living your dreams and doing what you love – and – developing yourself is more important to Youz (not just your Source, but you too when you are tuned into your best, highest-vibrating self).
Yeah, in a way this sucks. It can feel similar to coming home after school and your mom saying that you have to do your homework before you play – but the flip side is that it is likely it will help you shift your perception (that means your energy) effortlessly to realize that you aren’t doing something ‘wrong,’ causing you to not live your dreams and do what you love. On the contrary, you are on track.
The ‘track’ may not be fun, like you’d hoped. However, this is the way that most everyone gets to the point where they are living their dreams – take Tony, as an example. Listen to what he says and you will find that he basically says – in my words – that he doesn’t put up with any bull from himself. He was fat and disciplined himself to lose weight. No excuses. He does this in many ways, all of the time. He took a ‘fast track’ because he simply didn’t indulge his own excuses to not do what he knew he needed to do.

That’s playing hard ball

Are you ready to play? What excuses are you empowering or allowing? Ready to be the ‘mom’ and discipline yourself so that you are doing what you know you need to do?
Do so – just for a little while. Keep on top of yourself. Don’t accept bull-excuses like, ‘I’m tired’ or ‘this is so unfair’ – don’t let the world make excuses for you. Stay on track, play hard ball and watch you and your world change.