Warning: I Was Fascinated, You May Not Be

A Little Explanation About The Flow

I had the great pleasure of going to coffee with a new friend who does Feng Shui. When it comes to Feng Shui there’s traditional Feng Shui, which is basically scientific, and some modern, lose interpretations which are entertaining at best.

I was thrilled to find out that she does Feng Shui ‘for reals’ (as my 8 year-old would say). As she said, people can put a bamboo flute or plant in a corner hoping for some amazing things, but… at best, the placebo affect may account for a 30% change. Not bad, but that’s not Feng Shui. Feng Shui is really all about the flow of energy and understanding what energies are coming into a space, how to enhance or cure any energy you find inauspicious and enhance the ones you find auspicious.

Very simplistically put, think of energy as if it were a person. Like a person, it’s in different moods depending on where and when it is, Feng Shui, which has a lot to do with universal flow, is always changing and shifting. No one corner can always hold a certain energy because energy, like people, moves, is influenced by other energy shifts, so it shifts and changes.

The Flow of You

I was fortunate enough to become certificated in Feng Shui ten years ago in Hong Kong. However, if you don’t use it, you lose it. So, I’m not a true practitioner. Still, my training in Feng Shui provides a deeper understanding of universal energy. I’m all about energy, but I dedicate myself to the energy of self. That is to say, a different kind of Feng Shui which is your own energy flow. We call this the Golden Flow™ as your own energy flows from your Source Energy (or God, Higher Self, etc) and into your life. Of course, your energy isn’t universal energy because it comes from your Source. Your ‘inauspicious’ energy comes from your karma and the emotional wounding, or psychological conditioning, in your life.

As my new friend and I talked up a storm about energy, the flow that effects a city came up: she was explaining the profound influence Feng Shui (energy flow) has on a city. In her example she was saying that Chicago’s gangster, prohibition reputation comes from the fast flow of energy that goes down the city and then meets the water. The flow is too fast and then meets the murky lake – in my layman terms- so the people, you could say, are too fast and murky.

Are You Strictly A Product of Your Environment?

Now this was one of the most stimulating conversations I’ve had with someone in a while since I generally meet business people, clients or people who I have to explain the flow to. But the conversation did make me think about the influence of a place on you. I know that flowing your energy using the Golden Flow™ system is amazing because I’ve experienced things changing drastically, seeing myself and others manifest a job, money, a marriage… So, who’s energy wins in the end?

You Are The Attractor Of Your Life

Ultimately, of course, you go and attract energies that vibrate at your same frequency. This means that if you have ‘gangster’ written in your karmatic cards, you’ll end up in that sort of city. On the other hand, if you are there and you shift your energy, you’ll likely move.

Yes, the energies around you absolutely influence you in all ways. They will influence your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviors. At the same time, you have the amazing power of choice. We all do.

When it comes down to it, you are either raising your vibration or it’s slipping. You could say that, in Feng Shui terms, your energy is auspicious and has a good flow or it is inauspicious. More precisely, you are either in your flow or you’re not. When it comes to flow, it’s pretty black and white.

The Law of The Land

The Oracle speaks of the world of illusion. They say that this is what Hindus call the maya. They also speak of your Source’s world, the energetic flow in which you are authentic, unlimited and you live your dreams.

When you have a fantastic day and everything goes perfectly, you hit all the green lights, people are nice or helpful and a project becomes a success- you are in the flow. The flow, also known as being in the zone, is about being in your own Feng Shui, if you will. It’s like standing in the most auspicious part of a building because, in your Source’s flow, you are positioned to receive all of the best energies your Source has to offer.

Let’s put that another way: when you are in the flow you are receiving divine or heavenly or highly-vibrating energies. You are experiencing only energies above the a specific vibrational frequency and these are always energies like love, success, health, wealth, creativity, joy, abundance and so on.

Unlike the Feng Shui of a space or place, your personal flow can travel. You are always connected to your Source Energy although you don’t always allow yourself to receive the energy that flows to you. When you do, these energies are so bright they can take on a golden luster, hence the Golden Flow™.

Out of Flow

I hope you’re asking, ‘if I’m always connected to my Source, how can I be out of flow?’

Unfortunately, most all of us are conditioned to lose touch with our authenticity as we grow up. If authenticity were a place, it would be located in the flow. Here we are who we truly are, which means we are more deeply connected and receiving our Source’s flow.

In our upbringing we are taught to worry, be dramatic, be untrusting… Most poignantly, we are taught to lament or long for the past and be concerned about the future, taking us out of our now experience. Truly, we are taught to choose inauspicious energies in life, if you will.

Life is an experience

Life causes us all to shift, evolve and, most of all, be-come. In other words, in life we are always growing and expanding and coming to be the next and more evolved version of ourselves. Life leads us though pain and suffering or, if we are working at a higher level, through our desires. When it comes down to it, we’re either motivated by pain or pleasure.

But what happens when we try not to experience either? What happens when we stop trying to feel the disappointment, frustration, heartache, difficulty, headache and such of life? Sure, we all ask for more joy and cause to celebrate, but many avoid the pain – which leads to depression.

Why? Because at that point you aren’t experiencing life. Unfortunately, you are spending most of your time out of the flow and, frankly, similar to ‘fast-flowing and murky waters’, it sucks.

Yes, we’ve all been there. Everyone has experienced at least a mild depression or a full-on clinical one. We’ve all wished, hoped and prayed for things to be better or more the way we’d prefer but no one asks for more pain or discomfort to experience. Nor should they.

The bottom line is that when you aren’t experiencing all of your life, you aren’t in the flow. Food illustrates this point perfectly. Eating is a required experience in life. Like life’s pain and pleasure, you have to be wise about taste. Although we’d all prefer to eat burgers and dessert, you can have desert, but you also need green vegetables. Green vegetables may bring about pain or pleasure; either way, you need to have them flow through your digestive system. Your body extracts the nutrients, vitamins and minerals and lets the rest flow.

Indigestion comes from your in-ability to digest your food and nutrients. At that point, your food is not flowing through your digestive system.

Well, the same is true of your life. If you aren’t ‘digesting’ your experiences, your pains and pleasures, your thoughts, feelings and experiences, then you are experiencing an indigestion of life. Also just like food, no one taught your body to digest, you were born digesting you experience. You were born in the flow and children who are still authentic are great masters of the flow. They are happy, they quickly get through issues and, when they are learning to walk, they fall and get up again as if nothing. They are also master manifestors.

This is because we are all born in the flow- this is also why holding a baby is so magical that people often call it a spiritual experience. That magic is all about sensing the divinity of flow and of their deep connection to their Source Energy. We were all born in the flow and we can all get back into the flow of highly vibrating energies.

Get In The Flow

My teachers once told me that all I had to do was stop trying and just be me. I don’t think they could have given simpler or more frustrating directions. My first question was ‘stop trying to do what?’, to which they said I was trying to figure it out, which put me back in the trying.

In the flow you are. The way you don’t try to wake up in the morning or try to wake up in your body, you also don’t have to try to be who you are, you just are. Unless you are trying to be certain ways. Growing up we are given constant messages about who we should be. Some are messages have great intentions, like the messages that we should grow up to be successful. Others serve the purpose of the care-giver, imposing quite, obedience and a change in behavior by parents, teachers or others who work with children.

The catch is that it is more beneficial to encourage children to be successful, though we don’t mean to impose pressure, and a classroom of unruly children can be dangerous. It’s not easy nurturing children without influencing them away from their authenticity, or the way they authentically might behave.

So, chances are you were consistently encouraged to behave or be inauthentic. Now being authentic so that you are back in your flow can be difficult because habitual behaviors are hard to change. Flowing, however, can help you move past the energetic hurdles to returning to your authenticity.

Flowing allows you to let go, so you aren’t trying to be who you already are, and naturally re-connect with you. It also shifts your personal Feng Shui so that, while you will be influenced by life and the energy of a place or circumstance, you will also be empowered enough to shift. When your energy shifts, your circumstances and experiences change, whether the shift is a raise or a drop in vibration.

Yes, I would say it is beneficial to have your home Feng Shuid or your office, but it’s also important to realize that nothing can truly limit you. There are things that can effect your energy in positive or negative ways, but the one who truly holds the power to bring you better energies and a better life or not is truly you. In your Golden Flow™ you will always experience well-being from your Source Energy, but if you fall out of your flow, or don’t spend most of your time there, then it’s good to know you can always get back into your flow. All it takes is some focus, flowing and, if you like, a quick process.