I was leading a ladies retreat and came to a poignant question that turned one woman’s life around. After the seminar she went home and easily changed how she was doing things, was hired for the position she had been trying to get for over a year and she raised her vibration, which was evident in her uplifted mood and enjoyment in life.

Sometimes the simplest questions are the most meaningful and significant.

In this video I’ll talk about a simple question you can ask yourself that can help you check if you life is in the flow or tell you if you want to make a correction:

Who are you living for?

Join me in the video – first we’ll talk about the law of self, which will help us live more strongly by the law of attraction. I’ll explain the difference and this will help you understand the importance of honoring yourself and living by the law of self.

When you don’t know what’s best for you or what you need, then you become disconnected from yourself. That is when you lose clarity, inspiration and your inner wisdom and guidance. Your life can then easily lose purpose and meaning.

That makes this video’s focal question a significant one that can really help you awaken to your life and whether or not you are happy with the way you are living it.