Being in the flow, or in the zone, is a great place to be because everything is working out for us here. Law of attraction is lining wonderful and preferable experiences for you because your energy is vibrating higher.

How do you get or stay in the flow?

The Golden Flow™ System helps you get in the flow in 3 easy steps. They are:

1) Welcome your experience
2) Allow or embrace or experience what you are welcoming
3) Let it flow – let it go by taking your focus off the topic

This is a simple, but powerful, 3 step process that creates amazing change in your life – and it helps you attract effortlessly, since your energy vibrates higher in the flow (and law of attraction then takes your higher-vibrating energy to bring your next experience).
The flow is unique to each one of us, so getting in or staying in the flow is different for each of us. See, the flow has everything to do with you being your authentic self and expressing your authenticity. This looks like each of us knowing who we are, knowing what is meaningful to us, knowing our dreams and acting from these places. Being in the flow is also all about you honoring yourself, what you need, what’s important to you and so on.

For this reason, one of the strongest ways to stay in the flow requires that you monitor your life according to you and not according to what others are doing or say are right. You have to find what is right for you, and what is right for you and honors your dreams is not the same as what is right for anyone else.

When you come to monitor yourself in such ways, you find that you start to have a sense about how things need to be for you. You know what is in the flow for you and what is out of the flow, so that you can start to make choices that keep you feeling good, connected and keep your energy vibrating higher.

Look to you and seek what the flow is for you – the best way to do this is to get in the flow, and you can use my Golden Flow™ System for this. It gives you the ability to tap right into the flow quickly, especially once you’ve practiced the 3 steps. Regardless of what you may be experiencing, the Golden Flow™ System will help you get through even the most difficult situations and help you bring your being (your thoughts, feelings, actions and energy) back into that wonderful flow sate – where law of attraction is having everything is work out for you all of the time.

Here’s to your tapping into your flow, and tapping into the flow of abundance or whatever highly vibrating energy you prefer.

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